Friday, April 27, 2007

"the sticks"

Yesterday, I used my day off to go play a round of golf. I drove about 2 minutes down the road that I live on to Hangman Valley Golf Course. I had played there twice before, once shooting my best competitive round which qualified me for the state tournament my senior year of high school. So, I dusted of "the sticks" (what golfers call their golf clubs) and went out to play a leisurely round with two older men that I joined up with on the first tee (their names were Bob and Rick.) It was a great day, I hit some good shots, I hit some bad shots and I putted very well. At the end of the day I shot an 82, (which I was very surprised/satisfied with) and finished the experience with an amber ale on the 19th hole (clubhouse). Quite the day off. Bliss.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I don't know why, but the past two times that I have done spell check on my posts, they have come out with funky spacing. Any thoughts/suggestions?

note: this post was done sans spell check.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

plasma for all!

so basically...I just donated my own plasma. Tori and I went to a place
in downtown Spokane that collects plasma to help people with hemophilia
and other various diseases. As a serious bonus, they payed us $40 a piece! They have payment plans for donors who do it twice weekly, I must say that is pretty tempting. My arm is
no worse for the ware and I'm helping someone else. All good thing,
yes? Just thought I would keep y'all informed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

guest blog...

Ladies and gentlemen. Devoted readers of all shapes and sizes, would
you please put your hands together for a new addition to the ol' blog. Tonight I have a guest in house (actually...I'm a guest in her house, oh well) her name is Tori. Enjoy...

Hello everyone. The other day, Geoff and I ventured south, into the Lewiston-Clarkston
Valley (just as background, this area is on the border of Idaho and
Washington, possess a singularly unpleasant smell due to a paper mill,
and is the place where I lived with Geoff's mom and sister for two
years). The purpose of our mission was to choose and then purchase a
wedding band for Geoff from his old friend Joel Detray (good guy, non-conflict diamonds). As much as I loathed living in Clarkston,
I have to admit it was a fun drive and wonderful visit. It was sunny
and warm, a glorious day, we bought Geoff's ring, and to top it off, we
had scones from Sage Bakery. As an avid lover of scones(and a one-time
baker) I'll say that Sage makes the best scones I have ever had in my
entire life. Geoff agrees. Rachel Graff agrees. Anyone who's tasted Sage
will agree: they are bliss. And what really sets them apart are not the
flavors, though those are amazing (just wrap your mind around raspberry
mango,to start) it's the texture. Sage bakery achieves a perfection of
scone texture that is nigh unattainable. I mean, there are scones, and
there are Sage scones. And this place where heaven comes just a little
closer to earth is in theLewiston-Clarkston Valley. Random!
On the way home we stopped to take pictures of a farmhouse fence made
entirely of old wheels. It's a local landmark and a slight to behold.
The point is, there are beautiful things to be found everywhere, even in places that smell bad and don't have Thai food.
The End.

So guest blog number one has wierd spacing issues. I will try and work that bug out for next time...but I enjoyed it. Thanks to my guest Tori and to the blogspot people that make this all happen, I give you a tip of the cap as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


So last night I worked a 10 hour and six minute shift. That's a long time to be on your feet. There wasn't a lot for me to do in the last 2 hours anyway. But, my manager had called me that morning and asked me if I could stay late to help the graveyard shift guy, since it was an overall busy day. Praise Jesus I have a job though!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tea Partay

All I ask is that you give this a look and enjoy. I think it is a commercial that didnt actually make it to tv. I cannot take any credit for finding this, thanks are due to Rachel Graff for introducing me to this.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Enjoying some time with the fam.

I have been over on the west side of Washington since Sunday night visiting said family. My dad and I actually went to see the Mariners open their 2007 season on Monday night, and we were privilaged enough to see one of the most dominating pitching performances of my life. After the game I hung out in a local Irish Pub (The Owl and Thistle) with Ben Fife, which was equally as awesome. This has been a nice time away from the Ramada, but I will enjoy being back in Spokane come Thursday. Tomorrow, I hope to play some golf in preparation for The Masters this upcoming weekend. Should be great.