Saturday, March 31, 2007

just wanted to say...

...I'm going to eat dinner in three minutes. In fact, I am over at Tori's house and she is watching me type saying that I do in fact only have three minutes. So there. I posted, and I am looking forward to dinner cuz I am hungry. I am probably out of minutes now.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beatboxing Flute Sesame Street

Most of you have probably seen this guy already (i.e. pinas blog, or just of your own accord) but here you go any way. He is unreal!

Friday, March 23, 2007

huckleberrys are great!

This morning I had two pieces of wheat toast with a little bit of butter and some huckleberry preserves. Simply put, delicious.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The madness is maddening!

This is far and away my favorite season in sports that the year has to offer. These are the lovely moments in time that are affectionately referred to as March Madness. 64 teams are participating in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Not only is this super event going on, but with the promise of spring comes baseball's spring training.
However, this March is much different for me. My team, Washington State, is actually participating in the tournament for the first time in 13 years. This is the same team that I worked with for two years as a student there. I poured so many hours in to that program, and they were so they are awesome! The down side of it all (which is also a big upside) I have a job. I missed our first round game which we won, but I am also working today during the entirety of the second round game, its maddening! This tournament is never a guarantee, so I don't know how many more opportunities I'm going to have to see them participate. I am so torn! Oh well, I needed the job and the Lord provided. Maybe I'm getting sick...cough, cough. Go Cougs!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm back.

I don't know if i was just recovering from the previous post, or if it was something else, but I acknowledge the fact that I have not posted in a while. Needless to say (because I already said it) I'm back. Tori and I were down in California since Thursday and we got back yesterday afternoon. We split time between Calvin Crest, Sacramento and Ripon. We enjoyed our time taking our engagement pictures up at camp. We actually had to snowshoe down to Sherwood because the snow was still so deep on the trails that have been covered by shade. The picture experience should be a post in and of itself. We also had some time in Sacto with Toris family, which was nice, and drum roll please...we spent time in beautiful Ripon, CA with our friends the Pinas (I don't know how to put a tilde over the n.) The whole trip happened so fast, but we both had an awesome time. For now, its back to the Ramada Inn.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Bubba vs. the deer

Today I witnessed one of the most amazing things my eyes have ever seen. Four youngish deer were in the Crotty's back yard. I was watching them watch the creek and watch me as they walked on their way. And then Bob (Mr. Crotty) got the idea that we should let Bubba have a go at them. I thought that was an ok idea knowing there was zero chance for Bubba to do anything remotly close to what he wanted to do to them. For some back story, the Crotty's dog Bubba, a 13 or so (nobody really knows how old he is, they got him as a stray) year old dog is a huskyish, wolfish, muttish type dog, and he is obviously getting up in years. But upon seeing the deer he took off after them, as he has done many times before. And of course...they ran off. End of story right? Wrong.
I watched Bubba as he continued to follow close behind (as close as the deer would let him.) And then he took off again. Three of the deer evaded him, but one freaked out and ran in to a fence, giving Bubba just enough time to hurl his mass at it; and he knocked the deer off its pins! (This is the point in the story where the squeamish should no longer continue their reading, but I must continue) Bubba proceeded to gnaw on the deers back leg. The deer got up, and Bubba knocked it over again The deer got a up a second time and Bubba knocked it over again and continued to gnaw. This was obviously causing a lot of ruckus so the neighbors were out trying to see what was going on, and what was letting out that God awful cry. Finally the deer got up a third time, and was able to zig zag the grasp of the leaping K-9. As Bubba chased after the deer(barking an insane bark that I had never heard uttered from his jowls previously) I was left to ponder what had just happened.
I'm pretty sure the deer made it away, and I was able to call Bubba off and grab him by the collar. But as he was running circles around me he had a crazed look in his eye, not to mention a mouth full of deer hair. I was in a state of shock. I will never look at the dog the same as we go on future walks together. I have a new found respect for said dog, and who knows if he wont be sizing me up next time. For know that's a risk I am willing to take in adventures with Bubba the deer slayer. Deep